Camp cards is a program meant to help get more kids to go to camp – for FREE! The purpose is to alleviate financial stress from
families and units so that more kids can go to camp and receive the unparalleled experiences that Scout camp is known for.
Revenue from the camp card sales is directed back into the Mid-America Council camping programs.

The camp card offers are tailored to one of nine regions:
SW Iowa, NW Iowa, North Central Iowa, West Central Iowa, Siouxland,
Columbus (NE), Norfolk (NE), Fremont (NE), and Omaha-metro.

Camp Card FAQ’s

When can I get the Camp Cards?
The Camp Card sale runs the month of April each year. You order cards in advance and pick them up at your roundtable. You can pick up cards at the Durham Scout Center or Sioux City Scout Center.

Where can I sell the Cards?
Camp Cards can be sold just like popcorn. Think of creative places to sell them.

  • Store Fronts: Grocery Stores, Hardware Stores, near vendors on the cards
  • Door to Door
  • Mom and Dad’s work
  • School
  • Church
  • At your own sporting events

Please remember if you are setting up a store front, or a table display, ask for permission from the establishment you are selling at beforehand. It’s always nice to leave a thank you note as well.

When can I sell Camp Cards?
The sale traditionally runs the month of April each year.

How does the commission work?

The 2018 Camp Card commission was 50%.

How does my Scout get free camp?
A Scout must sell a certain amount of cards in order to receive free camp. In year’s where a Jubilee is held there is an incentive to earn free Jubilee as well.

2018 Incentives

Camp Cost # Cards to sell
Jubilee 2018  $33   40
Cub Scout 5-day Day Camp in your community Varies   80
Cub Scout Resident Camp Amikaro at Little Sioux Scout Ranch $135   80
Boy Scout Resident Camp at Camp Cedars $300  180
Tri-State High Adventure Base $375  220